Land Usage: Good, or Nah

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Hey, what’s up people, how y’all doing? As I ignore that Grammarly points out that that last sentence has mistakes I meant to put in, I’ll get started with this post. This week’s Student Blogging Challenge is about thinking Globally. For that, I decided to look into how the world is currently using the land. If you could tell from the title, you probably know it’s not gonna be good. Well, think again! I made the title before doing research, and I have no intention of changing it.(totally not because I already said I was gonna name this post that) Anyways, I’ll start the research and show you all my findings.(Sigh, this might be a while. Be glad that you’ll be spared from this. We all know I won’t be. UGGGGHHHH)

Photo Credit: Tate Kieto Flickr via Compfight cc

I’m sure that we all have some sort of idea, but I’ll be explaining in further detail. In the current age, countries all around the world are economically advancing. But, at what cost? That, my fellow bloggers, is simple. Land. More specifically, nature. We make homes, companies, roads, and other more advanced structures, but those take up space. For that reason, forests(like in the picture above), grasslands, open fields and more are in danger to make room. I have a question for all this: Why does this have to happen?

Well, let’s be fair here. Not ALL land is being used for those purposes. But still, even land used for agricultural reasons(like farming) has land being cleared. Some officials, like the Queensland Government, argue that relaxing land clearing laws is better for farmers and better for their productivity. But, that actually makes it worse for everyone! Farmers get less income due to the “Carbon Farming initiative”. In addition, according to, clearing out land worsens land degradation and adds to declining water quality. There are many other negatives to land clearing, so I’m sure we can all see what’s coming next.

Time to wrap things up. So, I asked a question earlier(I say this because my research took a while). I think I have an answer. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO! Well, I’m sure that’s a controversial subject, but if it hurts the environment, clearing out land seems unnecessary. I’m sure there can be many arguments about how “We need economic growth” and other of the likes, but, Eh. That’s my opinion. I say our current land usage is a big NAH! Okay. That’s all for me. Comment down below what you think about this post. Is it any good? What’s your opinion on land clearing now after reading this? With that, check my sources down below, and I’ll see you awesome people on the internet later. Peace out!

Since I’m supposed to “cite my resources”, here’re the links I used to compile this post:  First Source, Second Source.

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