SBC 10:2

My brother, Andrew, audited my blog.

1. Blue and a little short on posts.

2. The color and large headers/titles.

3. The color. A suggestion is for me to use a different theme.

4. Over time I can add more posts and I should use a cleaner, easier to read theme.

SBC 10:1

1. I wrote eight posts(counting this one).

2. Three were because of the challenge, and four were school based.

3. I have no comments.

4. None of my posts got comments. I think that happened because I didn’t write enough posts.

5. I enjoyed writing SBC 7:1 World of Wolves the most because I got to share what I love about wolves with anyone who wanted to look at the post.

6. I changed my theme three times(thrice). Once for Halloween, and the other for when I changed it back. The third time is when a person gave me a suggestion to make my posts easier to read.

7. I have one widget. I think this is enough.

8. I have five overseas students on my blogroll.

9. I don’t think I used any of the web tools.